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IGA Beer Challenge 2022 – 2nd Edition

The second edition of ITALIAN GRAPE ALE BEER CHALLENGE will be held on saturday 22 october 2022 in Turin, hosted by Associazione Piazza dei Mestieri, partner of the project.



1. Organization
 IGA Beer Challenge is an international beer challenge organized by FoodAround Association, My Personal Beer Corner and Cronache di Birra, with the support of the guide Vinibuoni d’Italia.

2. Mission
IGA Beer Challenge main goals include:
- Promotion of Italian Grape Ale as a beer style linked to the Italian brewing culture.
- Provide tools for the qualitative growth of Italian Grape Ale and brewing production in general.
- Spread the knowledge of Italian Grape Ale and beer culture.
- Guide consumers to the purchase of Italian Grape Ale, identifying the most deserving products
- Create a forum where brewers can compete with their international peers
- Encourage opportunities to meet and exchange with other sectors related to the brewing sector (food and wine, catering, tourism, promotion of territories, etc.).

3. Competitors
The competition is open to all beers commercially available on the market and belonging to the "Italian Grape Ale" type, i.e. produced with the addition of grapes or grape must. Drinks produced with the addition of wine or other alcoholic drinks are not allowed. 

The beers must be made by independent breweries, commercially operational and regularly registered according to the laws in force in their country of origin. Beers produced by breweries and beer firms are allowed. In the second case, the brewery of production must be reported, which must comply with the aforementioned criteria. All registered beers must comply with the laws in force, under penalty of exclusion from the competition, and the responsibility for any violation lies exclusively with the relevant brewery / producer.

4. Categories
Beers can be entered under one of the following categories:
Cat. 1 – Italian Grape Ale non-acidic, low alcohol content (less than or equal to 7%).
Cat. 2 – Italian Grape Ale non-acidic, high alcohol content (greater than 7%).
Cat. 3 – Italian Grape Ale acidic, low alcohol content (less than or equal to 7%).
Cat. 4 – Italian Grape Ale acidic, high alcohol content (greater than 7%).

5. Registration
To take part in the competition each participant must complete duly the online registration form, inserting each product presented.
The registration form can be found on (all the mandatory registration form fields must be correctly filled in)
Proof of bank transfer for the cost of participation must be sent after completing the registration form (see section 6).Each participant is responsible for the information provided at the time of registration. The Organization may at any time verify the truthfulness by any legal means.

6. Participation costs and terms of payment
Entry fees are:

For European Union subjects (except Italy)

  • 1 beer entered 236,40 €
  • 2 beers entered 333,00 € 
  • 3 beer sentered 429,60 € 
  • 4 beers entered 526,20 €
  • 5 beers entered 622,80 €
  • 6 beers entered 719,40 €
  • 7 beers entered 816,00 €

For non European Union subjects

  • 1 beer entered 472,60 €
  • 2 beers entered 585,80 €
  • 3 beers entered 699,00 €
  • 4 beers entered 812,20 €
  • 5 beers entered 925,40 €
  • 6 beers entered  1038,60 €
  • 7 beers entered 1151,80 €

Customs clearance costs included (shipping excluded - see section 7)

A summary evaluation sheet (with organoleptic notes and average scores) can be sent to the brewery at a cost of € 15 per beer, to be paid at the time of registration.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to Associazione Culturale Enogastronomica FoodAround - IBAN: IT75D0200846950000105137722 - BIC/SWIFT: UNCRITM1EF0 with reference “CONCORSO IGA +  company name + total number of beers entered”.

Proof of payment must be sent to after completing the online registration form (see section 5), with the company name in the subject of the email.

If we don’t receive the amount due for registration, products will not be allowed to participate.

7. Samples and shipping

To take part in the competition participants have to send for every beer entered about 3 liters of product for each beer, approximately as the following quantities:

  • Send 4 samples per entry for a bottle containing 0,75 l or more than 0,75 l
  • Send 8 samples per entry for a bottle containing less than 0,75 l

Non Europen Union entrants have to send 3 additional samples, of the same size of the samples for the challenge, that will be used in case of sanitary testi required from custom authorities.

Bottles must be delivered from (no earlier than) wednesday the 7th of September 2022 until (no later than) Friday the 7th of October 2022 

Entrants will receive precise instructions on how to ship the samples , including the documents to be filled, in order for us to be able to receive and import them.  Any shipping that does not comply to the instructions is in danger of being rejected . No refund will be made for any wrong shipping.

Products must be securely packaged with clear indication of FRAGILE content and “Concorso IGA Beer Challenge”

All bottles will be kept at controlled temperature in a fridge cellar.

Entrants are responsible for all shipping costs

8. Judging
The submitted beers are judged by means of tasting performed by an international experienced jury appointed by the organizer. Each beer in competition will be blind tasted, it means that the jury will not know the name of the beer and the brewery. Only few information will be provided to the jury: category, plato degrees, alcohol volumes and any production characteristics (flavorings, spices, etc.).
The organization will merge the categories that do not reach a minimum number of beers registered as a sub-category to the closest grouping. The panel jury for each beer will fill in a score sheet containing a short and concise description.The score sheets will be returned to the producers at the end of the competition only if there was a specific request and the payment of the service (see section 6).

9. Awards
For each category, a ranking of the five best beers will be drawn up and the first three will receive a prize in accordance with the final position obtained. The jury reserves the right not to assign a ranking in the absence of registered beers with minimum qualitative characteristics.

Producers who have placed one or more beers in the top 3 are invited to participate by right to the award ceremony (see point 10). The communication of the victory will be done exclusively by phone call, to the mobile phone number provided on the registration form.

Breweries are required not to communicate results before the award date, under penalty of cancellation of the award.

10. Prize and Award Ceremony
The beers that have obtained a recognition will be awarded during a public event that will be held on Wednesday November 16th during the SIMEI Exhibition in Milan.

11. Use of the logo
The breweries that will receive one or more awards for their beers are authorised and encouraged to use IGA Project and IGA Challenge logos, according to the following reproduction rules:
- Always specify the category in which the prize was obtained.
- Always specify the placement obtained (first, second or third).
- Always specify the year in which the award was obtained.
- The prize must be associated with the individual beer and not with the brewery in general.

Any violation of the aforementioned rules implies a suspension (time determined by the organizing committee) from the participation of future editions of the competition.